Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter


With both vehicle and pedestrian safety front of mind, SmartBar bull bars are designed to significantly reduce the risk of serious injury upon impact. This is due to their clever polyethylene design that flexes up to 85% to absorb an impact, returning to near perfect shape within minutes. Our bull bars offer unsurpassed safety results without the heavy weight of a regular bar making SmartBar the lighter, safer choice* when it comes to frontal protection for your Mercedes Sprinter.

Mercedes Sprinter 2018+ with a SmartBar bull bar
  • Srs Airbag
  • ADR
  • AS 4876.1
  • HIC


  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Designed to suit the look of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter
  • Suits all vehicle variants and body types***
  • Can compress up to 85% and bounce back to 95% of its original shape within minutes of most animal strikes
  • Less tyre wear and tear and fuel consumption*
  • Increased bull bar lifespan and reduced repair bills*
  • Lower tare weight*
  • Non-corrosive, chip and rust-resistant
  • Adds an approximate additional 190mm to vehicle length
  • Winch compatible option available
  • Fitted weight 45.5kg for Ambulance parking package vehicles
  • Fitted weight 45kg for Ambulance non-parking package vehicles
  • Fitted weight 44kg for non-parking package vehicles
  • Fitted weight 44.5kg for parking package vehicles
  • Compatible with Mercedes Autonomous Emergency Braking system, front parking sensors and a 360-degree camera (if applicable) and a range of spotlights (up to 185mm in diameter)
  • Supplied with 1 x antenna mount and a SmartBar All in 1 light**
  • Optional additional antenna mounts
  • Fitting: minimum 4 hours excluding light wiring (non-parking package vehicles)
  • Properly fitted SmartBar bull bars will not affect your vehicle’s ANCAP rating


*than regular bull bar alternatives
**includes daytime running light, fog, parker and indicator light. Driving light functionality can be added.        ***except front-wheel drive and vehicles fitted with LED headlights.

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Rear Protection Bar

Due to the rear overhang and vehicle body shape obstructing visibility for many Vans and 4×4 wagons and dual cab utes, rear quarter panels and factory bumper bars are very susceptible to damage, particularly when manoeuvring in the close confines of urban environments.

There’s no better way to protect the rear of your vehicle than with SmartBar’s Rear Protection Bar (RPB). Like the rest of our range, our rear protection equipment is manufactured in South Australia to extremely high standards and is recognised to provide all the same levels of vehicle, occupant and pedestrian safety.

SmartBar’s RPB is an over bumper bar which offers outstanding vehicle protection. It perfectly complements the design and shape of the vehicle, maintains all of the factory accessories and all the while helps protect vehicle panels in the event of reversing collisions.

More than just a rear bumper bar or a rear step, it has already won several design awards in recognition for the levels of innovation it exhibits and its superior demonstrable performance. Manufactured from the same flexible, durable polyethylene material as the rest of the SmartBar range it embodies all the same characteristics which provide the unparalleled levels of vehicle and occupant protection without compromising pedestrian safety. The hollow body construction and flexible, durable material acts as a cushioning device, absorbing impact forces in the event of a collision and returning to its original shape; prolonging the life of the bar and avoiding expensive panel repairs and it does all this at a fraction of the weight of any factory step or metal based alternative.

The RPB combines SmartBar’s proven class leading design, engineering and cutting edge manufacturing without a compromise in approach to protection and performance. Read more about our safety standards and our most recent Design Award.



  • Superior rear protection, due to the impact absorbing hollow construction
  • Minimal repair costs after impact
  • High rated safe working vertical load
  • High grip moulded in tread pattern
  • UV stabilised polymer for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Styled to maintain the Vehicle’s aesthetic
  • Manufactured from environmentally friendly, recyclable polyethylene polymer
  • Will not catch or pool water
  • Easily installed, independent of factory step
  • Maintains access to spare wheel under step
  • Undulating contours for added strength


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