When choosing frontal protection for your fleet, don’t compromise with heavy bull bars that weigh down your team, your vehicles or possibly your safety rating.

SmartBar bull bars are the lighter choice, in many cases halving the fitted weight of many metal bull bar alternatives, without sacrificing safety. Our bars are designed to maintain a vehicle’s ANCAP rating, be non-corrosive, winch and air bag compatible and meet the full requirements of Australian Standard SA 4876.1-2002.

SmartBar commercial vehicles

Benefits of a SmartBar

  • Stay underweight. Download our Fitted Weight Guide.
  • Winch compatible options available
  • Safe for pedestrians and staff on site
  • Impact absorbing to keep your fleet moving
  • Our bull bars will not chip or rust
  • Properly fitted SmartBars will not affect your vehicle’s ANCAP rating

Trility Waters

Date: 02/09/2018

...we identified that we needed frontal protection due to most of our vehicles travel in the country but we also wanted a bar which we would not have to replace after every major incident, was light, was pedestrian friendly and would not impact the five star ANCAP rating of the vehicle...Trility have 56 Ford Rangers now fitted with SmartBars.

Mark G, AU

Ambulance Services

My partner and I responded to a priority 1 call (lights and sirens) at 3am one morning when I hit a Kangaroo traveling at 160kph...had a quick look and noticed about 2 1/2 -3 inch at its deepest point intrusion into the bar...At the end of shift at 8am and after filling out all the crash paperwork. I had another look at the vehicle. The dent in the bar was gone and apart from some Kangaroo hair around the number plate you wouldn't know that I'd hit anything.”

SES New South Wales

Date: 15/09/2018

We are a large user of SmartBar across all our passenger and light commercial vehicle types, and is our preferred option. Amongst SmartBar's qualities, for NSW SES vehicles operating in remote locations, it provides a high level of impact immobilisation resistance, allowing the vehicle to proceed back to base in the case of animal strikes, generally with minimal vehicle damage.

Grant W, NSW

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