Our team have gone above and beyond the Australian safety standards to create a range of bull bars that are unrivalled in pedestrian safety, without compromising on the safety of your vehicle, yourself and passengers.


Vehicle Safety

It goes without saying that when it comes to bull bars, safety is paramount.

Each of our bull bars have been tested to comply with all of the compulsory and non-compulsory sections of Australian Safety Standard AS4876.1-2002, demonstrating the superb safety capabilities and resilience of a SmartBar bull bar – which is much more than a “plastic bar”.

We can proudly demonstrate that SmartBar bull bars perform better than any available alternative under all impact conditions and offers a higher level of safety to its users. This is a claim no other manufacturer in the world can make.

“…a great leap forward in vehicle front crash safety…It shows that Australia is capable of good lateral thinking” – Graham Lawrence, Transport Research Laboratories in Europe

Factors such as vehicle design, crush rate, airbag deployment, approach angles, accessory fitment, strength, weight and aesthetic are all taken into consideration when undertaking the development of every SmartBar bull bar.

We test such factors as impact and occupant safety requirements, material testing (UV rating), winch loads (static and dynamic), electrical interface and lighting compatibility.

We’re meticulous in addressing all of these considerations, but our primary concern is always the safety of the vehicle, its occupants, other road users and pedestrians.

Pedestrian Safety Testing

Tests by the Centre of Automotive and Safety Research (CASR) for Head Injury Criteria (HIC) measure the head trauma and accident survival probability of a person at certain speeds. This is how we measure pedestrian safety.

The results of these tests found that a SmartBar bull bar outperformed all other frontal vehicle protection systems available.

In a simulated collision with a pedestrian at 30km/h it was proven that in many cases, a vehicle fitted with a SmartBar bull bar is less likely to cause a fatal injury through impact than the original front vehicle assembly.

Crash impact results graph comparing a SmartBar bull bar to steel bull bars

Exhaustive testing, along with the above test results are just some of the reasons that allow us to confidently stand behind our bull bars.

Smartbar vs Calf 100kms

Date: 12/07/2016

This incredible dash cam footage shows a SmartBar in action, keeping the driver and vehicle safe and in motion after an animal strike. There was no damage to the bar and only one spotlight and a small dent in the bonnet from the aerial tab.

Viewer discretion is advised. Graphic footage. The calf does survive.

Vince S, Frederickton NSW

100th Of a Second

Date: 14/09/2016

"I was fast asleep doing 100 kph and that is all I remember until something punched me in the face…The Smart bar, even though (it) was 15 years old, it still protected me and activated the Airbags, it had done its job and it had done it well."

Fred K, Grafton NSW

Kangaroo impact at 100km/h

Date: 12/10/2015

"…We rounded a bend and were faced with two large kangaroos in the middle of the road. At 100kph there was little time to brake and the trees lining the road left no room...When I inspected the front of my 4WD by torchlight I was surprised to find the only damage we suffered was a bent number plate and a broken driving light."

Brett M, Mitsubishi Pajero

Silver City 600 Cross country Rally

Date: 18/12/2011

"The SmartBar absorbed majority of the impact which significantly reduced the damage to the vehicle itself."

Terry P, NSW

A True Life Saver

Date: 20/03/2011

"Please find attached some photos of our Commodore after hitting a 350-400kg Black Angus steer at night. The car was under brakes at approx 60-80km/hr on impact."

Andrew H, Adelaide SA

Smarter Safety

What sets a SmartBar bull bar apart is that it acts as an injury-prevention and cushioning device in the event of a slow speed collision, such as with a pedestrian. This reduces the likelihood of serious injury.


A SmartBar bull bar is hollow and constructed from flexible, durable plastic. This allows the structure to compress under impact before bouncing back to almost perfect shape in many cases.

The results from an airbag non-deployment test illustrate this perfectly and are shown in the chart below.

SmartBar vs alloy and steel bull bars elasticity deformation comparison graph

From here it is easy to see how far the structure of the SmartBar can compress under impact to absorb the forces; observing that at 16kh/m the bar compresses between 85mm and 110mm.

Not only did the SmartBar pass these tests comfortably by not triggering the SRS airbag upon impact, they also highlighted that the material yield is less aggressive with the SmartBar compared to bare metal systems. This indicates that our bull bars are more absorbent and flexible to help keep your vehicle, its occupants and pedestrians safe.

Europe’s only approved bull bar

Our StealthBar is the only bull bar in the world to have been approved for use in Europe in the last 10 years. It is now available internationally.

This focus on vehicle and pedestrian safety has made SmartBar bull bars the number one choice for many emergency service vehicles in Australia.

If the safety of others around your vehicle is important to you, or you simply want exceptional frontal protection for your vehicle, chat to one of our stockists to find out more.

SmartBar StealthBar on a Toyota HiLux

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