Contract Moulding

Rotational moulding has many advantages when it comes to moulding large hollow custom plastic parts. As well as the strength and durability that it provides, and the potential for extremely large part sizes, tooling costs can be surprisingly low.

Choosing the right tooling method is crucial to keeping your products affordable, even for larger items.

Hand fabricated tools are usually the cheapest and are typically made from mild steel. Surprisingly complex parts are possible if a quality toolmaker is used.

Tools requiring more intricate detail can be cast, usually from aluminium. These machined moulds give a more aesthetically pleasing finish and a superior result, but can be more costly.

We house two large scale machines in our South Australian facility, one of which is the only one of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Our machinery has the capacity and the ability to schedule back to back cooks for extended periods of time to ensure that we can deliver on time sensitive orders.

With years of experience and a well-equipped facility, our team of experts can provide insights and recommendations on your tooling options and offer the best path available to get your project, large or small, manufactured.


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